Somchaya Liemhetcharat
In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my wife and daughter. Watching my daughter grow up and acquire new skills is extremely interesting, and makes me marvel at human intelligence and inspired to work on artificial intelligence.

I have been inspired by Howie's photos of Macdonald's with Seth Hutchinson, and so I have started visiting the Macdonald's around the world as I travel for conferences:

At the Frankfurt airport, en route to RoboCup 2009, Mike, Junyun and I decided to take our first MacDonald's photo.

Brian, Mike, Junyun and I sample the Macdonald's in Graz, Austria during RoboCup 2009.

Junyun and I at the Macdonald's in Istanbul, Turkey after RoboCup 2011.

Bryan, Cocoa, Cara and I enjoy Macdonald's in Valencia, Spain after AAMAS 2012.

I visited Macdonald's in Tokyo, Japan during IROS 2013.

Junyun and I sampling Macdonald's near Melbourne, Australia before AOTULE 2014.

I went to Siam Reap, Cambodia for APSIPA 2014, and found out that Macdonald's does not exist in Cambodia. So, I visited a local chain called Lucky Burger, and also KFC!

Visiting Macdonald's along the Las Vegas strip, while preparing for CES 2015.

Since I'd already eaten at Macdonald's in Istanbul, I visited Carls Jr instead during AAMAS 2015.

I also enjoy playing computer games. My favorite genres are: simulation games (The Sims, SimCity, Spore, Transport Tycoon), strategy games (Civilization, Warcraft, Starcraft), and MMORPGs - massively multi-player online role-playing games (World of Warcraft, Ragnarok Online). Each genre has a different appeal to me. Simulation games are interesting as they attempt to model some real-world (or at least real-world inspired) dynamics, and it is fun to play around with the systems. Strategy games usually have relatively complex AI algorithms, and it is fun to think about how they work behind the scenes, as I try to beat the game. MMORPGs have a similar appeal as simulation games (simulating a world), in addition to the story-telling and social aspects to the games. In particular, teams of players are often required to battle the difficult "bosses" of the game, and the teamwork aspect has also inspired parts of my Ph.D. research.

Here are some notable screenshots from World of Warcraft:

Our guild of 40 members receiving a buff before flying out to defeat Ragnaros, an end-game boss during Vanilla.

The attempt didn't turn out as expected.

An art piece drawn by a guild member, portraying my wife and I at the Dalaran fountain.

A bunch of druids in bear form hanging out in Orgrimmar.